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Replacing a chair, sofa or some other furniture piece with a new one? Enhancing a corner space? Redecorating a room? Decorating a brand new home? Whatever your goal, Connolly's Furniture can help you pull it all together!

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Don’t risk measuring something wrong, buying furniture that’s just too-big or too-small compared to other pieces in your home, or missing out on new interior decorating ideas that could truly breathe new life into a room.

Many customers tell us our design services help them avoid measurement mix-ups and better define what they really want.

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Enjoy a glass of wine when you design!

That’s because our experienced design consultants can show you:

  • Hundreds of furniture styles, colors, fabrics and textures that either blend or contrast with existing furniture in your home or create an engaging environment throughout your new home.
  • How furniture proportions can change the perception of space in a room.
  • Accessories that will personalize your home.

Room Planner

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Plan Your Room Online, For Free!

Interior designing just got easier with Connolly's Furniture's online room planning software. This interior design and floor planning software is yours to use for FREE. Our software features design templates for you to start working with, or measure your own room and lay it out to scale.

Just type in your room dimensions, add or remove walls, and start dragging furniture into your room. Also look for a selection of kitchen, gym, home theater, garden, and other house hold items to help your planning. Need additional help? Come in to talk with our Interior Design staff. 

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